Production of ethyl alcohol

“GARMA GRUP” LLC produces ethyl alcohol, bioethanol and distilled from wine. Ethyl alcohol, bioethanol and distilled from wine are obtained as a result of a complex process of selecting raw materials, which is converted into a finished product by fermentation, rectification and distillation. Getting the highest level of product requires high-quality raw materials, but also a well-established production chain.

The path that the company has taken to achieve excellent results at present has not been easy. The capacity of the first factory is 1 220 000 liters per month of ethyl alcohol and bioethanol, which is equipped with machinery of Spanish origin from the company Tomsa Destil. In 2020, a second factory was purchased for the production of ethanol and distilled from wine with a capacity of 600 000 liters per month, reaching a total production capacity of about 1 800 000 liters per month.

The alcohol produced by “GARMA GRUP ” LLC is used by large companies of the Republic of Moldova and the EU countries that use ethyl alcohol in the production process in:

  • Pharmaceutical industry (antiseptics, tinctures, medicines, disinfectants, medical solvents);
  • Food industry (production of vinegars, pasteurizers, essences and flavors, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages);
  • Chemical industry (household products, windscreen washer liquids, paints, perfumes);
  • Fuel industry (bioethanol).

The produced ethyl alcohol is stored and transported in the following packages:

– Bulk (variable quantities)

– Glass (0.5 L/1L)

– PET plastic containers (1L/5L)

– Barrels (250L)

– IBC (1000L)

In order to bring more benefits and facilities to our customers in the countries of the European Union, “GARMA GRUP ” LLC sells the manufactured products through its Romanian subsidiary, TC KEPS PRODUCTS LLC, which holds the “REGISTERED CONSIGNOR AUTHORIZATION” no. 2 RO0012700IM00, which allows to deliver excise goods in suspension mode to the final customers.

Exceptional quality is dictated by a number of factors, but in the end it comes down to pure ethyl alcohol, carefully distilled, efficiently stored and transported under ideal conditions for its intended purpose.


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