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The company’s headquarters are located in Hincesti district, Firladeni village, and it also has commercial premises in Hincesti town and Chisinau municipality, while the head office is in Chisinau.

From the company’s own sources, Tudor Ungureanu, as general director, managed to raise a famous business well-known throughout the country. Each of the production branches of the enterprise is equipped with the latest technologies and equipment, machinery and agricultural technique. At the moment, up to 80 tonnes of wheat are processed daily in the mill of the enterprise, the pasta factory produces up to 20 tonnes of pasta daily from its own flour, the alcohol factories rectify up to 60 thousand liters of alcohol in 24 hours, using as raw material cereals and molasses.


Year of foundation

170 +


20 K+

Tonnes of pasta daily

4000 +

Cattle heads

60 K+

Liters of alcohol within 24 hours

Company products and services


Production of ethyl alcohol

“GARMA GRUP” LLC produces ethyl alcohol, bioethanol and distilled from wine. Ethyl alcohol, bioethanol and distilled from wine are obtained as a result of a complex process of selecting raw materials, which is converted into a finished product by fermentation, rectification and distillation. Getting the highest level of product requires high-quality raw materials, but also a well-established production chain.

Bull breeding, biogas and renewable electricity production

Livestock complex of “Garma-Group” LLC has a capacity of more than 4000 bull heads to fattening. We have the most modern technologies, meet European standards and represent a model for domestic farms. Bulls are bred exclusively for the highest quality meat.


Production of flour and pasta

Pasta has become an indispensable element in the culinary habits of many families. When produced according to all the rules, from qualitative raw material, pasta is a perfect basic food for the whole family. For this reason, “Garma Grup” LLC provides its customers with a wide range of products in this category.

Specialized transport

In order for the manufactured products to reach the consumer intact, one of the main stages their transportation is. The Company Garma Grup carries out transportation in equipped transport units according to the last conditions of the time and in accordance with the provisions of the legal regulations.



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