Production of flour and pasta

Pasta has become an indispensable element in the culinary habits of many families. When produced according to all the rules, from qualitative raw material, pasta is a perfect basic food for the whole family. For this reason, “Garma Grup” LLC provides its customers with a wide range of products in this category.

Being the largest national producer of pasta, Garma Grup LLC works with several domestic partners, for which the pasta is produced and packaged, each having their own brand.

The individual approach towards collaboration, allows us to develop a mutually beneficial relationship with each of the partners.

Advantages of pasta produced by Garma Grup LLC:

  • natural products without chemical additives or harmful ingredients;
  • from selected wheat processed with the latest technologies, which preserve the nutrients and organoleptic properties intact;
  • easy to cook and absolutely tasty, regardless of the recipe you choose.

It is important to note that we have our own mill where we process wheat in a volume of about 70-80 tonnes within 24 hours. The pasta factory is another important facility in the company’s industrial complex with more than 20 tonnes of pasta products /24 hours and producing about 35 types of high quality pasta made from natural raw material without the use of artificial additives.

The factory is equipped with modern machinery of Italian origin, manufactured by “ITALPAST” company.

Thanks to natural grain fibers and proper processing, our pasta retains intact shape during heat treatment, as well as nutritional properties at a high level. Our range includes pasta of various shapes and cooking intervals, which are ideally adapted to soups, side dishes or main dishes.

Rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals, created from grain varieties grown on domestic farmland, our pasta provides a nutritional balance and increases energy levels for all daily activities. Combine Garma Grup LLC pasta with all kinds of delicious sauces, add them to the classic mom recipe zeama, or serve them with a healthy portion of cheese to give them a creamy texture. The most important thing is to choose high-quality pasta, so it will be tasty, regardless of the cooking method!

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