Bull breeding, biogas and renewable electricity production

Livestock complex of “Garma-Group” LLC has a capacity of more than 4000 bull heads to fattening. We have the most modern technologies, meet European standards and represent a model for domestic farms. Bulls are bred exclusively for the highest quality meat.

The supply and management of bull breeding is automated, and employees simply control all vital processes. Bull breeds bred on our company’s farm:

  • Charolaise;
  • Aberdin-angus;
  • Limousine;
  • Dutch variegated cattle;
  • Steppe red bulls and other traditional breeds from Moldova and Ukraine.

Farmed animals are sold in the Republic of Moldova and exported by sea to Arab countries (Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia), as well as by specialized transport to CIS countries. The company’s goal is to increase the capacity of the farm to 6000 heads.

Manure from the cattle farm and alcohol factories is the main source of raw material for a biogas capture waste processing plant. In addition, our company uses waste from nearby slaughterhouses. Biogas, in the amount of up to 50 thousand m3 daily, is used in the boiler room of alcohol factories for the production of steam and renewable electricity using 3 internal combustion engines of the Jenbacher type with a capacity of more than 3 MW per hour. Electricity is fully supplied to the enterprise; the surplus being delivered to the network.

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