Specialized transport

In order for the manufactured products to reach the consumer intact, one of the main stages their transportation is. The Company Garma Grup carries out transportation in equipped transport units according to the last conditions of the time and in accordance with the provisions of the legal regulations.

Advantages of specialized transport, organized strictly by Garma Group:

  • provision of special, legally authorized transport units;
  • compliance with appropriate procedures for the health rules control;
  • the presence of the necessary documents and the personnel working in this branch continuous training;
  • fast delivery of products to customers.

First of all, we ensure the preservation and maintaining of the nutritional, organoleptic, physico-chemical and microbiological characteristics, as well as protection against contamination (with dust, insects and any type of pollutants), directly from the production plant and to the customers.

Transport is carried out only with transport units authorized by sanitary-veterinary authorities, so that permits and legal documentation are present. In the same spirit, transportation of products is subject to special storage conditions: temperature or partition. Compliance with the rules guarantees efficient operation of the production- transport -customer delivery chain.

According to legal requirements, each transport unit of Garma Grup owns:

  • A sanitary-veterinary authorization received by the manner established in accordance with Law no. 221 of October 19, 2007 on sanitary-veterinary activity. The document is valid and authentic.
  • Medical card and certificate of hygiene training for drivers who carry out the transport and handling of products, which is indispensable in the case of the transport of goods and products. Each employee is perfectly healthy and fit for work.
  • Transport hygiene register for daily sanitation monitoring after transportation of products. The environment in which our products are transported meets the most stringent hygiene requirements.

In this regard, our company provides several types of transport:

– grain transport;

– bulk flour transport;

– liquids (tanks) transport.

The company Garma Group places an important emphasis both on the quality of the goods and on the conditions in which they arrive directly to the customers, which is why our transport is carried out under optimal conditions and at the most advantageous prices.

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